Q. What does 'uzuri' mean?

A. Uzuri is the Swahili word for beauty.


Q. Why is UZURI using the hair salon as an intervention point to improve healthcare?

A. UZURI is distinct in the marketplace and has no direct competitors for our combined health and beauty services. However, the idea that UZURI is built on– the hair salon as a healthcare intervention point– is not a new one. A number of research studies by leading universities in the United States have successfully used the barber shop and hair salon to improve healthcare outcomes in communities of African descent. That is because beauty salons in Africa, and across the diaspora, occupy a significant role within the community– one that extends well beyond simply rendering services. People trust their stylists, and discussion of important issues in these spaces is common. As such, these trusted spaces combine with already routine visits to provide a unique entry point for community-based interventions.

Q. Why is UZURI focused on preventative care rather than disease treatment?

A. 70% of deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa are the result of preventable or easily treatable health conditions (WHO). Despite that, most Africans still have a sick-care mindset. We only go to a physician when there is a physical sign of illness. This means that the most commonly fatal conditions are preventable, yet go untreated. UZURI focuses on preventative care because it can significantly improve population health in our target areas.


Q. Is UZURI a for-profit or not-for-profit company?

A. UZURI is a for-profit company, however it is not our goal to get rich from our neighbors. Profits go toward expanding our physical location to include a primary care clinic, an education room, and a pharmacy. Long-term, it is our goal to create a network of health centers and provide community based health insurance through them– in a country that is less than 10% insured.




Q. How can I help?

A. We are presently seeking investors, advisory board members (medical leaders, and business experts in the health and beauty industries), and sponsors for our upcoming community health screenings.

In Masaka, we are also seeking medical students and other volunteers interested in helping to organize and promote our health education events. These investors, sponsors, and volunteers enable us to keep our community health events free for the public. If you're interested in supporting our mission, please contact us.


Q. Can I donate to support your health initiatives?

A. Yes, and we are grateful for your support! Every gift makes a difference. We are currently in the process of setting up a system for secure online donations. In the interim, please send us a message through our Contact Us page stating your desired pledge amount and we will follow up with you to complete your gift. All gifts donated go to support UZURI's community healthcare initiative, unless otherwise specified.