Afya ni uzuri

Healthy is beautiful.


We believe in the transformative power of healthcare.


We believe in home-grown solutions to the world's challenges.


We believe that healthcare is essential to unlock our full potential.

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In many African countries, healthcare is a missing pillar that leads to an orphaned generation (due to rampant epidemics), economic stagnation and shattered dreams. While access to healthcare has significantly improved, we fundamentally believe that there needs to be a significant re-envisioning of how healthcare is delivered in African countries. We believe that the solely access-based model of healthcare delivery is inadequate and will not keep pace with the dynamic challenges of the 21st century.

At UZURI, we view health and beauty as two sides of the wellness coin. A healthy body is essential to high performance, and when combined with the confidence that comes from presenting one's best, they form a foundation that helps people to unlock their highest potential... and achieve their dreams.


Join us with your expertise, investment and support, as we embark on this journey to transform the healthcare system in Africa– creating a solution that springs from and is tailored to our unique communities.

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“Atamuzadde y'amutikka ejjinja.”

Ugandan Proverb

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